This webinar was originally held on Thursday, April 29, 2021, and is now available for on demand viewing.

Li-ion batteries are finding many uses in today’s consumer technology and, because of this, battery fire testing has become important for the development of safe designs for consumer batteries. FTIR is a powerful analytical tool for the analysis of the gases emitted from Li-ion batteries during a thermal runaway and fire event. FTIR spectroscopy can simultaneously and accurately measure the concentrations of multiple gases emitted during a thermal runaway event in real time.

MKS Instruments' MultiGas™ FTIR Gas Analyzer is ideally suited to the application of Li-ion battery fire testing as it provides high time resolution measurements of either diluted or undiluted sample gases through the flexible selection of a variety of gas cells and detectors. The MultiGas™ Analyzer features a battery testing application package specific to the analysis of Li-ion battery fires that requires minimal user input for accurate and repeatable measurements.