Efficient and complete chamber cleaning is critical for successful CVD processes. Accurate endpoint detection of the cleaning process avoids under or overcleaning which can lead to contamination or surface damage, resulting in increased costs.

Different sensing methodologies, including Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES), plasma impedance measurements, or infrared absorbance measurements can be used for endpoint detection. However, infrared spectroscopy endpoint detectors have advantages in that they offer high accuracy and repeatability, and their measurements are not affected by variations in process and plasma conditions.

In this App note, we explore MKS Instruments' infrared-based chamber clean endpoint detectors, including the Process Sense™ Endpoint Detector and the T-Series Process Gas Analyzer, which offer high accuracy, repeatability, and process independence. These detectors utilize infrared absorbance measurements to precisely determine the concentration of cleaning byproducts, enabling efficient and reliable chamber cleaning.