Operational efficiency, reliability, and lower cost are critical goals for control systems. The complexity and high costs associated with traditional automation and control architectures in manufacturing pose significant challenges. This whitepaper highlights the challenges of traditional automation systems in manufacturing and proposes custom automation systems with customized I/O controllers and distributions as an alternative.

Custom automation systems offer advantages such as reduced installation time, smaller footprint, improved maintenance, reduced troubleshooting, and optimized I/O counts. MKS Instruments specializes in customized automation solutions, utilizing modular I/Os, advanced control capabilities, and support for communication protocols like EtherCAT® and DeviceNet™ providing cost reduction, simplified cabling, shorter time to market, and compliance with industry standards.

This whitepaper examines how MKS uses Lean Methodology to enhance processes and its strategy during the development procedure. This incorporates working closely with customers, customizing design, performing functional tests, and producing prototypes